Best YouTube views sites 2017

What are best YouTube views sites in 2017?

Trust me when I say there are very few genuine, good places where you can buy safe youtube views sellers out there, let alone the “best youtube views sites”! … and as a result of YouTube’s new security policy (see YouTube’s Terms Of Service) there are more and more of them disappearing all the time after the major September 2014 and the most recent May 2017 update.


All I can advise you is what I believe are the best YouTube views sites. The safest and most reasonably priced one which show the best reputation signals …

Video Views International REVIEW

At the end of the day the best place to buy YouTube views is the one where you get what you want and you know your video is safe.

About a year ago I stumbled across the site Video Views International, and I’ve not seen any YouTube views site to beat these guys since then.

Some of my clients insist on having their YouTube videos boosted with some paid views when their video is first uploaded, so whether I like it or not it’s “get in or get gone”.

best youtube views sites

As many people who know me will be aware, my personal recommendation is that you opt for the more expensive paid advertising options within YouTube – but this often falls on deaf ears especially with the more aggressive clients who want immediate viral results, and the likes/comments and engagement that Video Views International deliver.

So there are some occasions when I need to find a way to boost the exposure of a YouTube video at a low price, but without jeopardizing the client’s video or account standing with YouTube/Google. For this I use Video Views.

Views by country, low prices and great customer service in native English!

I use these Video Views International guys reasonably regularly, and have actually learned a lot from them about how to optimize YouTube videos – believe it or not!

The reason I’m writing a Video Views International review is because they have absolutely helped me win and retain clients with their SEO and YouTube marketing advice. There are also other positive Video Views International reviews out there if you look.

Video Views International also have a dedicated section on how to get more YouTube views free by optimizing your video to move up the search results so that people find your video as they trawl through the YouTube video listings.

best youtube views sites

Most importantly though, the video views they add to your video are high-retention, actual human views which occur through genuine social media network channels, and across device types which makes for the best search results optimization.

And they target the country that you specify at the checkout, as well as including some geographically dispersed views, which also adds search engine “juice”. The global viewer reach of Video Views is over 60 million people across facebook, twitter and forum/site communities they own.

You’ll notice too that Video Views have a sizable social media presence as a business, across twitter (where they have quite a following), facebook, and even on YouTube itself with their viral video channel.
With these guys you can also buy Facebook video views as well as buy Instagram video views, and they have a dedicated music division exclusively assigned to help Vevo artists and labels buy Vevo views.

They are also specialists in hip hop video promotion which is a category they lead ahead of all others.

How to find the best YouTube views site


– Go straight to the Privacy Policy

When you go to a YouTube views site, if the Privacy Policy link doesn’t work, or the Privacy Policy is poorly written or just generally dodgy, exit the site and don’t go back. The Privacy Policy of any website that takes your money should be legally compliant and have the digital documentation displayed on their site to prove it.

– Read the Terms of Use

For your own good, and to better assess if a YouTube views seller is legit, read their Terms of Use carefully, and copy-paste a paragraph or two from the page into Google, to see if it’s been copied from somewhere else. Proper Terms are drafted and implemented by a qualified legal services provider, which should mean original, bespoke Terms unique to that site.

– See if the YouTube seller is active on social media

Is the website a participant in the wider community? Do they put themselves out there and try to interact with the world? Or do they hide in the shadows without so much as an online signature that you could track down or follow up with?

– Test the water with a small transaction first

Purchase the lowest priced option on what you think are the best YouTube views sites, and choose a non-important video to add the views to. Then watch what happens. Note how many views are added and if possible check the video stats to see where the views are coming from and how long the average view lasted. High-retention views are those which last for at least 60% of the length of the video before they exit.

Good luck!

Seriously, check out and give them a try, and also keep in mind there are the big data collector sites like Virool where you sign up as a member before you get started, which can be relatively safe, but also a bit invasive of your privacy.

Failing that, just get your Google on, search with a phrase like “buy safe youtube views” and see what you can find!

Finding the best YouTube views sites is not an easy task, nor is it to be taken lightly – but certainly it’s worth it if you put in the time to make sure you’re getting safe and legit YouTube views added.

2017 is going to be a year when consumer (and viewer) monitoring savvy and available technologies catches up with dishonest content producers – keep it real and stay safe.

how to buy youtube views

Peace out y’all!

Buy Instagram video views 2017

Where to buy Instagram video views safely and for best results

Anyone wanting to buy Instagram video views should first of all proceed with caution – most providers are not delivering real views or a genuine service at all.

The 2 best Instagram video views sites

The places to buy Instagram video views are, in my opinion, Video Views International or Real IG Followers.

Both deliver genuine value-added services and are very reasonably priced, especially considering what you get for your money (ie actual likes and/or followers/comments as well as the views).

The added flexibility with Video Views International is that you can ask them for extra likes and less followers, or you can ask for no likes at all, etc – this can be done in the order notes at the checkout, or by email as soon as you place your order.

Many of you may be interested to know that V.V.i now also provide a buy Vimeo views service.

best buy instagram video views site

Why buy Instagram video views?

I hear you ask! Well it’s a good question, and here are the two main reasons…

Reason #1: Insta vids now display the number of views

Back in 2016 Instagram started transitioning videos over to displaying the number of views (ARTICLE), firstly in the USA.

By 2017 it is expected that all instagram videos will have their view count displaying for all the world to see, so it’s a great idea to get a good record with Instagram’s algorithms now rather than later!

The times they are a changin!

Some hardcore insta-freaks are of course upset by this supposed “selling of thy soul” by Instagram, as the platform finally changes to a more cut-throat performance-oriented ‘fly-or-die’ model.

However some instabuffs also concede that it’s high time this happened, and that the content produced will only increase in quality, as people have a basic KPI of sorts to judge the popularity of their content on.

Reason #2: Insta has switched from ‘most recent posts’ first to ‘best posts first’

Yep that’s right. It is now the case on Instagram the most popular video will be the most viewed video! (ARTICLE)

Videos with more views than others are treated most kindly by the algorithms and pushed into more people’s insta feeds.

This most recent (and most major) change is indeed global, not just USA.

So not only is it important to try and post videos regularly to keep your audience holding on, but it’s important to make content entertaining (ie share-able) and to boost that content so that you get on a roll and don’t get ‘snuffed out’ by other vids that are getting heavily promoted, or just have more views.

How to buy Instagram video views

When purchasing Instagram video views the big thing is; How does this look in my insta feed?

Remember you need to keep it real and legit on Insta, so the providers where you can buy Instagram video views that are genuine, and where you also get engagement on your Instagram video are the only way to …. again that’s just my opinion of course!

This is why myself (and almost everyone I liaise with in this game) buy from the above two recommended sites – it’s about safety, quality and engagement signals.

buy instagram video views

Stay tuned for more on Instagram video views, Youtube views, Vevo views (the latest craze in the music industry) and much more!

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