How Many YouTube Views Is Good?

How many YouTube views is good, and how many is too much?

This is a question every digital marketer, SEO Manager and brand controller should be asking themselves.

The short and simple answer is; Don’t be ridiculous, and look at the market as a guide for what’s realistic.

1. Gather a handful of similar videos which appear successful

Spend some time on YouTube searching for and hoarding the links to videos similar to yours, which have a reasonable amount of views and real engagement (likes/dislikes/comments) indicating they are genuine videos of interest to the public.

Five to ten should be enough.

(I am taking a leaf or two out of the book of the guys at Video Views here, I don’t claim to be a fully-fledged expert on YouTube video analytics myself)

2. Find the average view count and consider where your video ranks

Add up the total number of views for the successful videos you’ve found, and divide by the number of videos to get the average view count across the category you are competing in.

Now it’s time for some critical self-awareness – perhaps get a friend or colleague involved who can be impartial and free from bias … if there is such a thing?! … make a decision where abouts your video sits in this pool, is it better than them all? Is it in the top 3?


Add some views and re-evaluate

Get your video out there in the traffic, pay for some real, high-retention YouTube views, optimize your video to the max, and once your video is high enough in the search results to be found by curious YouTubers, observe how the views are growing beyond the views you’ve purchased, and how the engagement is for your video.

If you believe you’re carving new ground, that your video needs and deserves a higher stage, then add more.

However, don’t take the “fake it till you make it” philosophy too far! You should not add more than double the average for your category, otherwise you’re just asking for negative engagement from viewers who will suspect that they’re being had.

Keep your video quality high, keep your video to the point, engage people with helpfulness and entertainment, keep it real banana peel!

And your video won’t need too many views added because it will generate them on its own.

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Peace peeps!

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